Tuesday, March 11, 2008


First of all, we're talking about ART here. This is our main subject.

An excerpt from an email that I sent, to a dear friend of mine, a couple of weeks ago:

"It's super cold here.
I've been thinking today of how I'll cope if I don't get into grad-school.
I had a phone interview 2 weeks ago and I thought it went really well and since then I've been really excited about going. I'm supposed to hear 'yes or no' sometime this week, and it's already day #4... It's driving me nuts. One idea that I had (for if I don't get in) is to start an art blog. I've been wanting to create a presence on the web for a while. I was thinking that my first entry could start with: 'So, I was rejected from the graduate program I applied for today.', and then I could keep a blog as an artist from that day forward. It wouldn't be super personal, at least not about personal drama. It would be about my thoughts about art: my art, other people's art, the art world, etc. I could talk about my process and my background. I'm determined to continue on in the direction I'm going even if I don't get into school, and I think this could be a good way to start. I think it would be interesting to read about someone's attempts to make it as an artist. -- And then, in an optimistic moment, when I was convincing myself that I was definitely going to get in, I thought that maybe I'd do the blog anyway, even if I do get in. We'll see. At least now I have a project to look forward to, 'yay or nay'."

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