Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quit My Day Job

Today was my last day of work at my "day job": waitressing. I like to joke that working as a waitress, or a barista in a coffee shop, or a bartender, are the entry level positions for fine artists.

I've declared in the past that I'd never work in a restaurant or coffee shop again, but, so far, I've made a liar out of myself. - I guess I can't say, for sure, that I'll never again serve food and beverages for a living, but I hope not. I always think it'll be great and I always end up loathing it. - That's why I'm going to grad-school. I need credentials. I need witnesses. I need those 3 capital letters to put on my resume that impress the skeptics enough to make them cooperative. 

Without credentials, street-based or otherwise, why should anyone believe you, and why should they pay you, or support you otherwise, to do your work? It is not enough that the work is good. Most people aren't educated or sensitive enough to recognize that the work is good, or even what "good" is and why it is valuable. And more than any of that, most people are afraid of truly creative work. - Unless... someone that they respect tells them it's okay. And that brings us back to credentials.

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