Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Questions

I had hoped that the minute I settled into my new life I would be writing every day and spewing art from my pores. I had anticipated that August would be my most prolific blog-posting month yet. Apparently I was wrong. 

I have been thinking about posting, about my lack of posting, about wanting to keep up with a certain quota; but I guess I've also been procrastinating. Why? I've certainly been having lots of new experiences which are relative to my artistic process and professional development. I guess I'm a little culture shocked. I'm in a new context and maybe I'm a little afraid to reveal myself. I want this forum to be accessible, but to whom? Who are my audience? Who am I talking to? Am I talking to my friends and family? Am I talking to my peers: art students, developing artists, those concerned with a creative process? Who should I be considering when I post my thoughts and opinions online?

My new flat-mate mentioned to me at one point this concern in art of "who your audience is". This was kind of a new idea for me. I'd like to think that everyone is my audience, but are they? 
This question of listening ears and seeing eyes has stopped me for a bit. I've been thinking, instead of writing; wondering, instead of acting. This approach, however, is not helping.
Upon reflection, I think it's important to keep working, even if a new idea/question throws you onto a  different path. Nothing happens if the process stops. So I suppose the thing to do is let it change, stay alert, and to try to keep up!

So, I guess there will be some more posts coming from me soon!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Art Buzz

Talking about art while sitting on the couch, over a few beers, while walking down the street, during the movie, with the artist at her opening. This has been my experience during the last week and a half since I've become a resident of Oakland, CA. I love it! 
It is not my geographical location that has inspired this richness and frequency of dialogue; it is my entrance into a society and culture of people with whom I share very similar concerns. This cultural location I refer to is, of course, grad-school. Actually, a lot of the credit for my satisfying conversations go to my new flat-mate. We are in the same program, although he'll be starting his second year.