Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Window Shopping Through Time

Wandering through Echo Park, never been there before, headed to a bookshop, and we pass this storefront. 'Mart', 'Time-Travel', my friends continue on, but something grabs me. Everything about the facade (almost everything - I hadn't noticed the robot/caveman display yet) says 'quickie-mart', 'convenience store' but something is different... something else is going on here... some invisible force pulls me to the door. - Turns out this is one of Dave Eggers' storefronts that functions in conjunction with the writing centers he has set up for kids around the country. I had never heard of this one before, it was love at first browse. The place was brilliant. Filled with hourglasses, cans of mammoth meat, robot milk, donuts from 1985, and of course a selection of publications by the kids and by the organization.

The Meeting of the Folds

Switch in context

A mixture of genuinely old and conceptually futuristic

The details really made it come alive, like this casually written sign suggesting that the visitor come back 'yesterday'.

This was one of my favorites. Shade in a bag. You buy the seed of a tree, go back in time, plant it and water it, then come back to the time where you began and there should be a nice lovely tree waiting for you to relax under it. Of course, realistically this scenario is fraught with all kinds of hiccups, what with the dangers that trees are subjected to these days, but the sentiment is lovely.