Friday, July 16, 2010

Portal To Parallel Dimension Revealed On Cloudless Day

It was recently discovered that an edifice on 6th Street, in San Francisco's downtown building district, is actually a portal into a parallel dimension. On its North face the building hosts an area roughly 15x12 meters, which was previously thought to have "just been painted blue," according to frequent passersby. However, this past week, on an unusually sunny San Francisco summer day, the rectangle in question was witnessed to have released several wisps of fog and cloud from the atmosphere of this "other world" into our own California sky. Scientists have been monitoring the site since the first reports and they now believe that the phenomenon has been occurring for some time. Whitman Roberts PHD., of the University of Columbus, explained that "There is no indication that this is a 'zygotic concurrence', as we say in the field. It's probable that slight permeations have been taking place for years. What's clear to us now is that the specific area of the portal was previously believed to have 'just been painted blue', and we are now quite certain that this is not the case."
Roberts and his team are continuing to monitor and study the quadrangular threshold and are in the process of orienting a robotic butterfly probe for crossover and further investigation.

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