Friday, July 9, 2010

Random(?) Urban Rothko

Sometimes beautiful things pop up in the most unlikely places. Actually, that happens pretty often I guess. Maybe that's one of the characteristics of beauty, that it is a challenge to one's sense of what is expected. And maybe, it is a confluence of grit and banality that indeed encourages beauty to grow.
I saw this red on red door as I was riding my bike home tonight and it grabbed me. The monochromic, layered, and seemingly illegible quality of the graffiti seems unusual (of course, I'm hardly an expert, but I'm more interested than many and I do pay attention). Anyway, the marks seem to be layered as if over a long time, and yet there is a uniformity and cohesion to the mass that seems immediate, intentional, and composed. Sometimes, property owners will use a specific color of paint to mask graffiti that appears on their doors/walls. Over time, these cover-ups can begin to look like works in and of themselves. Could that be what's happening here? Not sure... Maybe I'll go ask next week...
In any case, it was lovely to stumble upon on this otherwise grey day.

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