Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Spy...

Through My Bionic Eye...

So, another science non-fiction. 
What will we see with extra-sensing eyes?
How will it change our understanding of the world?
...Do we need special lenses to expand our perceptive capacities?
Does our ability to "see" reside in the circuitry?
Or does it depend on our cognitive capacity of understanding?
Is a mechanical improvement really what we are looking for?
As humans, aren't we always looking for an expanded vision that reaches beyond mechanics into meaning?
What blind-spots will be created by a constant 3rd party analysis of what we perceive?
Computers are not omnipotent voices from on high, they are created and programmed by a select group of humans.

What could we accomplish if this type of creativity, innovation, and intellectual prowess was applied to the world crises in communication and distribution of resources?
What would happen if we invested in those issues?

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