Sunday, October 19, 2008


"The only sensible way to regard the art life is that it is a privilege you are willing to pay for.... You may cite honors and attentions and even money paid, but I would have you note that these were paid a long time after the creator had gone through his struggles.
1865 - 1929

"Finishing a painting demands a heart of steel: everything requires a decision, and I find difficulties where I least expect them.... It is at such moments that one fully realizes one's own weaknesses."
1796 - 1863

"Even at this late date, I go into my studio, and I think 'Is this going to be it? Is it the end?' You see, nearly everything terrorizes me. I think that when an artist loses that terror, he's through."
1925 - 2008

"I believe in listening to cycles. I listen by not forcing. If I am in a dead working period, I wait, though these periods are hard to deal with. For the future, I'll see what happens. I'll be content if I get started again. If I feel that alive again. If I find myself working with the old intensity again."
1908 - 1983

"I assumed that everything would lead to complete failure, but I decided that didn't matter --- that would be my life."
1930 -

"I was discouraged about life, discouraged about people being blind, but I don't think I had a day that I ever questioned creativity. There has never been a day like that."
1900 - 1988

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grayandgrey said...

Lady! There is no posting on my blog as promised! But your blog is lovely and I'm glad to now officially be an avid follower. Look at the picture I posted today-- I made that happen in my scanner!
Let's gossip soon-- maybe another Tuesday night date?