Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watercolor - Ketubah with Details

I finally finished the Ketubah on Thursday the 17th. I'm really happy with how it came out. I think that it is very appropriate for a wedding.  The bright colors give it a cheery, celebratory feel. 

The image is imbued with many layers of symbolism. My favorite parts are the rake and the shovel which symbolize the couple's love of farming and agriculture, and also the effort necessary to cultivate and maintain a lasting relationship; the flowers in the tree canopy (some of the couple's favorites) which are used decoratively and give the whole piece a joyful, vital quality; and the gold in the leaves and on the roots. The gold watercolor that was used in the piece is actually real gold. I used it in the two places where the trees mingle with each other and become connected. Gold has a special radiance and value that transcends the two dimensions of the art piece.

Text will occupy the center area. A professional calligrapher will scribe the couple's eternal vows. Then they will both sign the document at the wedding (I think).


Shovel, Garlic Scapes (peeking out from behind the tree), Tomatoes

Rake, Sunflowers, Agrostemma

Intertwining Roots, Lake

Poppies, leaves, and bachelor buttons (note the gold in the leaves).

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