Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Castle In The Sky

Sometimes the fog seems to wrap around San Francisco like arms, a nest, a snuggie. On this day I was taken by a feeling that we were on some floating island in the sky, hidden from the trials, threats, and concerns of the rest of the world around us. What would it be like to be an invisible self-sustaining community? My initial thought was that it would be somehow liberating. That people would relax, and maybe, just be friends.... I'm such an idealist. The more that I think about it, I suppose people do try to insulate themselves from the rest of the world... I think these groups are usually called: "cults". Then there are also "gated communities" - So much for my utopian vision al la "Ferngully" (eye-rolling here). -- Still, it is strange, and somehow comforting to find oneself enveloped in a mist.

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